Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Well indeed. I started out putting off this update because I was so miserable, then it was because I was so bad at organising my time, and then it was because I've got out the habit. As there are so many new leaves in the garden, I thought it really is time to turn one over, so here's the first of a few catch-up posts. This one takes us to the end of 2009...

First the miserable bit... Within hours of my previous post, we started to have problems with Dobby biting us, and the problem quickly escalated. To cut a long story short, Blue Cross insisted that we took him back to be rehabilitated. Happily, we've since heard that he had a few weeks of one-to-one work, the biting has been fixed, and he now has a new home.

After sulking for a while we contacted the very excellent Heathlands Animal Shelter. They don't have kennels, but place the dogs in foster homes instead. After our experience with Dobby, it made us a lot more confident, as we could see dogs in a normal home environment. We quickly found the most lovely little doggy, Molly. The rescue think she's a border collie-sheltie cross and is just perfect :-) She loves to play and never seems to get tired, getting us up from our desks and into the countryside twice a day, which hopefully goes some way to explain my poor time management!

In between all the walks I did somehow manage to get all my Christmas cards made though. I made it a little harder for myself by deciding to use up all the half made elements and saved paper offcuts. It felt great to use up things I've been saving for so long, but it's scary to realise that I still have enough to do next year's cards! This one features an image I stamped for my first crafting Christmas!

The only time I broke this rule was for my Mum and Dad's card - I had my first go at silk painting at the NEC craft show in November and became well and truly hooked! I had to have another go when I got home, and here's the result:

Well, that brings us to the end of 2009. More catching up soon, err, hopefully!